Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation

WifiSmartZone’s wireless networks are a valuable resource for every living and learning institutions. With a great track record in providing wireless Internet to student accommodation WifiSmartZone understands the specific needs of students and are proud of their commitment to serving them.

Wireless broadband has become an essential part of the learning environment. The value of Internet connectivity to students is higher than it has ever been, with Internet research playing a central role in most assignments, and social media becoming very popular as a communication platform.

Students therefore require reliable, high quality WiFi available in their accommodation as they study. WifiSmartZone sets up a blanket wide integrated WiFi network as an essential part of the student living experience.

Boarders’ get to benefit from easy sign up and instant use, allowing them to start enjoying the benefits of reliable and convenient WiFi. The innovative product builder allows students to create their own package, customising the speed and amount of devices to meet their needs.

This service is provided without contracts, allowing students to choose the length of time they prefer, that is, an hour, a month, a year, or price by term.

WiFi reduces set up cost and has low maintenance fees and in return, the latest and fastest wireless network is provided, customized to meet the specific technical and operational needs of each institution. We provide the fastest speeds available and the network is continuously monitored by the WifiSmartZone support team to avoid disruption.

WifiSmartZone’s infrastructure allows Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) to be accessible campus wide. We ensure the technology used in the student accommodation is up to date with the latest available equipment to ensure the institution is getting the best out of the WiFi network.

Working with students, WifiSmartZone understands security is of highest importance. Data is safeguarded and also the use of advanced filtering software allows blocking of pornographic and other undesirable websites.


The WifiSmartZone team is made up of committed professionals who go beyond expectations and deliver on time and budget. Making the install experience as smooth and seamless and possible is the highest priority.

Technical Support

There is a technical support with a helpdesk is available and provides real time support via telephone or email.

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