Residential WiFi

Wifismartzone is the largest supplier of recreational Internet to residential locations in the East Africa, currently covering 30 locations and thousands of homesteads.

Wifismartzone’s flexible and adaptive service is designed with the specific needs of the residents in mind, bringing high-speed wireless Internet quickly and efficiently to remote locations, with minimal disruption to the site.

The service that Wifismartzone provides allows guests to access the Internet, use Internet telephony services and even watch videos on you-tube.

We also realise residents are mobile. That is why our service comes with absolutely no commitments and no contract. It is an entirely Pay As You Go service that offers instant access, and a variety of packages to meet everybody’s needs.

Users can purchase as little as 1 day of Internet usage, however, the most popular package has been a 1 month subscription with unlimited downloads — which costs Kshs 2,500*.

Access is campus wide, you can connect on the go so you don’t have to wait to be back in your room. And your account is portable, so you can use your existing Wifismartzone account at any other site that has Wifismartzone Internet.

Wifismartzone has years of experience supplying the residential areas with broadband, and are familiar with the unique requirements of working within such environments. Our technicians are trained to ensure that all of our on-site work meet the requirements.

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