WiFi for Lodges

Wifismartzone understands that Wireless Internet has become an integral part of the guest experience. By offering WiFi, hotels can improve the guests’ overall experience, by adding value to their service, promoting interaction, and prolonging time spent on premises. Wifismartzone has recently won contracts for thousands of rooms in the hotel and leisure sector, and is dedicated to providing fast and reliable Internet with innovative solutions for the hospitality sector as a whole.

The WiFi you provide is an extension of your brand, and will promote the same consistent high quality experience that you do. Wireless Internet is also provides a great opportunity to learn about your guests, their interests, what matters to them, and how they are finding their stay.

Wifismartzone’s advanced and tested technology is created for swift deployment. Guests benefit from the easy sign up and instant use, allowing them to start enjoying the benefits of fast, reliable, and convenient WiFi. Networks are constantly monitored to avoid disruption.

The innovative product builder allows guests to create their own package, customizing speed and number of devices to meet their needs. Internet is also contract free, and guests can choose the length of time according to their needs; an hour, a day, a week, and so on.

Wifismartzone realises the importance of digital marketing and allows you to promote your own advertising messages to users.

Internet activity tracking provides great insight on products and offers that are of interest to your customers and lets you to see how they interact with your brand. This helps to push more targeted advertising and through the most relevant channels.

Your landing page creates an opportunity for advertising. Also, customers are more likely to download a hotel’s app while on site. Push notifications can be integrated into the sign up, notifying patrons that the app is available for download and directs them to the download page.

Technology is highly customisable and easily integrated with other systems such as surveillance, VoIP, and security.

Wifismartzone systems can provide separate operations network, to enable systems to be run from a private and secure environment which can be used for CCTV, and advertising, among others.


The Wifismartzone consists of a group of dedicated professionals, driven to go beyond your expectations to deliver on time. The installation experience will also be as smooth as possible with little disruption to your core business.


For support, our helpdesk is open all days of the year from 8am to 10pm. Well-trained, polite, and helpful support teams provide real time support via telephone, email and live web chat.

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