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WiFi for Game Parks

Wireless Internet access is quickly becoming an essential service to vacationers staying in Game Parks.

The availability of easily accessible Internet is an important factor when customers are deciding on where to go on holiday.

With the unpredictable nature of the weather, and the large number of families with children, it is not surprising that holidaymakers consider it important. Our 2 and 4Mbps packages support HD Video.
 Wifismartzone can provide park-wide Internet access, covering key areas like the bar and recreation area, and also all of the accommodation areas.

Wifismartzone offers two commercial models:

  • There is no charge to the site and Wifismartzone operates a Pay-As-You-Go service in the park.
The site pays for the network as a service and resells network access to guests or provides free Internet access.

No matter what option you choose having park-wide WiFi is an advantage to your business:

  • Increased number of clients
  • Increased length of stay in public areas such as Cafe’s and Bars
  • Improves Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Creates a platform to promote special offers and events to guests

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