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WifiSmartzone recognizes that the WiFi you provide is an extension of your brand, and must uphold the same consistent high quality experience you do. Networks are constantly monitored to avoid disruption, ensuring that the speeds are fastest available. Also, sign up will be quick and easy no matter device is used.

Keeping up with your clients is important. Majority of customers using mobile phones is constantly rising and most prefer broadband to the mobile internet because of speed, reliability and security.

In-store WiFi can improve the customers overall experience, by adding value to their brand, promoting interaction, and as a result extending time spent by clients on your business premises.

Internet activity tracking provides extensive insight on products and offers that are of interest to your customers and allows you to see how they interact with your brand. This helps to push more targeted advertising and through the most relevant channels.

Your own landing page is an advertising and promotional opportunity. Also, customers are more likely to download a venue’s app while having a positive experience on site. A push notification can be integrated into the sign up, informing customers that the app is available for download which brings them directly to the download page.

Technology is highly customisable and easily integrated with other systems such as loyalty, Electronic Point of Sale, and Customer Relationship Management through our integration API.

This information can assist establishments in communicating effectively with each customer. Traders can analyse purchases against demographic information provided by the customers on sign up, providing them with a more complete picture of who their customers are, what their interests are , and their financial sensitivity.

WifiSmartZone systems can provide a separate store operations network, which enables systems to be run from a private secure environment which can be used for CCTV, stocktaking, and digital signage among other uses.

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